Holidays & Celebrations

Holidays & Celebrations

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Starting simply with card games using chores as payment to the winner makes the nights even more fun. Challenging ideas in creating who picks the game of the night, and the prize for the winner is just as much fun as playing the games themselves. For example, we drew straws to see who picked the game to play now, and mom made an appetizer menu for game time which we all helped prepare. This took the family experience to a different level and made us look forward to game night.

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Host your own diversity day seminar minus all the racism. At your party have everyone put their name on a three by five business card. Mix the cards up and tape them onto each other's foreheads. Each person then must guess the name on their forehead by asking other people questions. Guests should consider this a roast and not an icebreaker. Another option is to place common character names on the index cards.

Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands (Monster Galaxy) is available for mobile devices (iPhone and Android) and on Facebook. The game features over 125 unique monsters to catch and battle with and plays out over 14 different islands, offering plenty of gameplay.